Elite Athlete Director – International Rome Marathon

Athletes of the Italian National Athletics Team, Olympic and National Athlete of the Middle-Distance, Olympic and National Middle-Distance Athlete, four times Italian Champion, twice in 800 meters and two in 1500 meters, Silver Medal in the 1500 meters at the Fukuoka Universiade in 1995 and Silver Medal at athletic value, CONI honor.

Wellness Trainer – 6 On the move

With Massimiliano “Max” Monaco (Motivational Coach) I deal with the Project “6 on the move”, a unique program already successfully adopted by dozens of companies including: ALLIANZ, BNL, CATTOLICA ASSICURAZIONI, ERICSSON, GENERALI, LINKEDIN, MERCK, SKY.
It is a proven, motivational coaching method that improves the lifestyle and increases employee productivity; teaching them to run (or walk fast), and to develop the three characteristics of effective people: awareness, perseverance, determination.

Elite Athlete Director – Saints’ Running

12th edition of the http://www.corsadeisanti.it for the second consecutive year after winning the IAAF Bronz Label to lead the best athletes Andrea Giocondi, responsible for the Elite Athlete Director for the international level control acquired after last year’s success .

Do not suffer your physical limits with awareness, train them, and only after programming and hard work with conscience can you rejoice in the results obtained.
The satisfaction will be proportionate to the result obtained, depending on the departure; the further away you are, the more satisfaction you will have gained, i.e., an extra meter or a pound less.

Dream big, proceed in small steps.