Andrea Giocondi

  • Knight of the Republic
  • Silver Medal for Sporting value
  • Physical education doctor (IUSM in July 2007)
  • Fidal Councilor Lazio in 2007/08
  • Youth Sector Instructor Athletics-Ostia in 1989
  • National Technical Absolute Sector Athletics-Formia in 2002
  • Weight room Instructor Rome, Forum Italico in 2006
  • Technical Athlete Guide Italian Paralympic Committee
  • Military Instructor
  • Teacher Fitness Activities Logistic Center Villa Spada
    (Financial police) from 2005 hitherto
  • TOP Technical Director Athletes Rome Marathon

After my sporting career in 2007, I graduated with a degree in Motor Sciences, IUSM Roma.

In 2009, I undertook the experience as a technician and leading athlete for a blind athlete, Annalisa Minetti, subsequently winning the bronze medal in the T11 category on the 1500 meters at the XIV Summer Paralympic Games in London 2012. That same year, together with Annalisa, we broke the record for the Paralympic World Championship, in the T11 category on the 1500 meters.

Today, I am a Wellness Trainer, specializing in training whoever would like to approach the sport of running.

With Massimiliano “Max” Monaco (a motivational coach), I created “6 on the move“, the only online video course that helps people become active and full of energy through a guided program that teaches them to run (or walk fast) by acting on personal motivation.

“6 on the move” comes directly from my field of expertise with Max. In the last six years, we have, in fact, launched thousands of large brand companies (such as Ericsson, Allianz, LinkedIn, BNL and Generali).
These extraordinary results have led us to create “6 on the move”, an approach to running and brisk walking, which is unique to every individual. This manages, not only bringing well-being to the person, but also to activate a change in them in any area of their life.